what are you listening to rn?

at this exact moment i’m watching taxi driver but generally i’ve been listening to a lot of drake and earl sweatshirt

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what's your favorite time of day/night n why?

5 o’clock because it’s verging on night and it is the right time to decide how i want to spend my time

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ask me some questions, yeah? it would really cheer me up

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Homenaje a Tania n. 2 (1969) - Oswaldo Guayasamín
Quito (Ecuador)


Homenaje a Tania n. 2 (1969) - Oswaldo Guayasamín

Quito (Ecuador)

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Isabel Yellin   Fleeting   2013


Isabel Yellin   Fleeting   2013

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James Blake // Building It Still

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anthony cudahy


anthony cudahy

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hi so I've cited you as an inspiration towards my art for my "artist family tree" in class and I was wondering what artists inspire you and that you've looked at while making your work 💕💕💕

wow ahh ty ty *~*~~

i’m really inspired by

-David Shrigley

-Tessar Lo

-Makiko Kudo

-Nyssa Sharp


-Misaki Kawai


-Laurence Philomene

-Gerhard Richter

-Takuro Kuwata

-Michael Deforge

-Lauren Albert (I went through a stage where I was looking at her work ALL THE TIME and using it to find my voice. a lot of my work at that time ended up heavily resembling hers, but it helped me figure out what I wanted to do w my work.)

-Mogu Takahashi

-Ginette Lapalme

-Philip Guston

-Louise Bourgeois 

-Morris Louis

-Helen Frankenthaler

ok that’s all for now

thanks for the question! i love answering stuff like this

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Do you still have Adam's First Wife posted?


still pissed that youtube removed it, it had like 8,000 views in 5 days or something blegh

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TRACK: How About Now
ALBUM: Views From The 6ix
164,792 plays
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i haven’t drawn anything for a long time and life is beginning to feel heavy on my chest. i work so much and i’m so tired and i have to go to counseling and i have to apply to grad school and i’m just so tired, i can’t approach concepts. when i try and draw things they feel forced and illegitimate. i am getting a staple gun for my birthday so maybe i can paint, maybe i’ll do something, i hope i’ll do something. i feel unlike myself. perhaps i am transforming, but it feels terrible regardless. 

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David Shrigley

David Shrigley

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look kids another white person offended by fuck boy

i’m not offended by it, i’m sick of seeing it used so much. work on your reading comprehension. if i’m offended by anything, it’s the fact that it’s been appropriated by white people. thanks for the message. 

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